5 best ways to find niche site ideas

5 Best ways to finding a niche idea for a Blog, Niche or E-commerce site

Yeah to Stephanie and me for wanting to start an online business, but where to start? What shall we do?

We had an initial idea handed to us by Stephanie’s brother, who happened to know a guy in Guatemala. He wanted to reach more costumers in the US and needed some sort of sales channel.

While researching our options for this business idea, I stumbled upon e-commerce and niche business’.

Of course I knew about e-commerce; who doesn’t know Amazon.

Or didn’t I???????

After some more digging the world wide wisdom with the help of the main player, Google, I was pumped up and at awe that at the world I had no idea existed.

All of a sudden I felt everything is possible and I wanted to start a niche site, too.

What is a niche site?

No idea? Neither had I.

As the name could give away a niche site specializes on one topic.

I would almost say that most blogs are niche sites as they cover specific topics no matter if they talk about money-making or saving, crafts and arts, photography or food.

E-commerce niche sites are very common, too, who knew 😉 , like Goldie Blox and Live in a Story.

How many do you know?

There are online niche sites, who offer information and recommendations like A Penny Shaved or Nursery Scholarships.

Review sites for specific products are pure niche sites for example this stroller review site.

How to find a niche site idea?

Or a theme for a blog? An e-commerce store idea?

There are several possible ways on how to figure out ways to pick your niche site.

First we need some options.

I really like Pat Flynn’s smart passive incomes approach of writing down a lists of your:

a) Passions

b) Problems

c) Fears

And from Spencer Haws Niche Site Pursuit’s project 2:

d) Things I know nothing about, but am interested in.

In my case, here are the lists I came up with for myself:

a) Passions

  1. Sailing
  2. Conserving of fruits and veggies, jamming, bread making
  3. My first time doing something as an adult (There are so many things I just discover!!)
  4. Couponing
  5. Being self-employed and successful
  6. Gardening
  7. Conserving energy and resources
  8. Audiobooks
  9. Juicing
  10. My family

 b) Problems

  1. Vitiligo
  2. Time Management
  3. Accountability
  4. Being a ‘Don’t’ sayer to my children

c) Fears

  1. Turning white
  2. Sucking as a parent
  3. Being lonely
  4. Not managing to become successful (in my eyes)
  5. Getting out of shape

d) Topics I am interested in, but know nothing or little about

  1. Movie Making
  2. Learning an instrument as an adult
  3. Becoming a realtor
  4. Comic book writing and publishing
  5. Massages
  6. What skills should children learn at what age
  7. Fishing
  8. Meditation

After a quick review, there are a couple topics that lend themselves better than others for a good e-commerce site.

In addition, for my planned online business I need to find a topic, which is overlapping with one of Stephanie’s interests.

Luckily, we have at least one common interest, which lands itself as great niche site idea for our e-commerce store.

You wanna know what it is?….. Not so fast.

As we are just getting started I don’t want to talk about the niche site idea just yet. Many details still need to be hammered out.

So stay tuned.

A less personal approach to niche site finding

I personally prefer to go with a niche site idea, which is personal, because I can be passionate about it.

And I guess passion always translates into your writing style (at least I hope so in my case).

However, I can see a less personal approach doing just find, too as the business of doing business can be the part where you are passionate about. Do you know what I mean?

BUT, you might find a passion of yours through this approach, too.

So, here are the less personal ways I can come up with:

  1. Amazon’s best sellers
  2. Topics, which stick out when reading your preferred magazine, news paper or other publication on and offline
  3. TV itself – what’s hot, what’s not, to mind comes reality TV shows or survival shows
  4. Topics of popular TV shows, such as Oprah or Dr Oz
  5. Topics discussed with friends and acquaintance, for example,3D printing seems to be everywhere (for me last least) at the moment.

I was surprised to read that a card game for adults ranks at number 1 on Amazon. I have never heard about Cards Against Humanity.

Have you? Who plays aka buying that?

Future Plans

Additionally, with some of the above topics in my lists I have something in mind with. One will be a blog and another is actually one of my biggest goals in life.

I just need to save enough pocket money to make it happen in addition to personal growth.

Eventually I will start talking about both aims during my future online career.

But in the meantime, I am curious on how you choose your niche site idea and what online medium you went for: blog, e-commerce or niche site.


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