CEO me

CEO me

CEO me, hurray!

I always wanted to have my own business, be an entrepreneur, have a start-up, feel independent and successful.

Yet, my first business attempt was short lived: Le Jus Beverages.

I find it very interesting how many information are still out there in the world wide wisdom about Le Jus Beverages, even thought I stopped doing anything for this start-up since 2011. Google doesn’t forget!!

But back to Le Jus. I needed to stop Le Jus Beverages as I lost my work permission due to my husband’s new job, which required us to get new visas, H visas to be precise.

It was bitter sweet as I was pregnant with my second child. So I got a maternity leave, so do speak.

Forwarding 2 years, we finally send off our Green Card application.

That means at the time I am writing this blog entry, I still can’t work, but I can plot my next moves.

As I mentioned before, I have two little kiddos, who I adore, but can’t be with 24/7 anymore for 365 days in a row. Kudos to all stay-at-home parents. I don’t know how you do it!!!!!!!!

Luckily, my husband’s new position allowed me to stay at home, even though I had no other choice, without depleting our savings too much.

However, pretending to be a housewife won’t cut it long-term.

I do believe in equality and that I should contribute to the household income as well.

I expect my husband to be as much of the children’s lives as I am and that he contributes the same way to household chores as I do.

In return, he should expect from me to pull my weight in the financial corner.

As you could imagine there is an imbalance in all areas of the triangle I just described.

Additionally, my husband works a lot and I would love to take some burden of him.

That reminds me of this German article about men, who would be happy for their partner to earn their own income.

So what is the plan?

Starting a business of course 😉 .

This time around, however, I have a partner in crime, my good friend Stephanie.

Our plan!

  • Starting an E-Commerce site
  • For starters; importing goods from a Latin American country and/or other source
  • Building an online presents
  • Having shared responsibilities and success

My vision!

  • Being my own boss
  • Create an income, yet having flexible working hours
  • Built a success story
  • Living my dream, instead of dreaming while living

My personal plan!

As you noticed this blog, Wallet Teaser, is not directly associated with Stephanie’s and my business idea.

Wallet Teaser is my personal outlet of talking about online business opportunities and activities I am hoping to pursue with all topics, which are coming along on the ride to success and failure (I hope not many).

On top of writing Wallet Teaser and planning my company with Stephanie, I am hoping to start a second blog, which I already mapped out, and maybe a niche site.

Once I figured out my daily routine and how much I can handle I will roll out the next project. So stay tuned.

Additionally, my personal aim is to match my husband’s current income. Having said that, my business mantra is: Beat Pat Flynn!

(Pat, just in case you will read this one-day, it’s a friendly completion for myself to keep me motivated 😉 .)

Just in case you haven’t heard this saying yet:

“You need to reach for the stars to land on the moon!”

I haven’t given myself a timeline yet to do either: reaching my husbands as well as Pat Flynn’s income.

That might be another blog post. In addition, I might need to have that date/time frame on the side bar to remind myself daily!

As you might have noticed that I am not so clear yet in defining what a Niche Site is vs an E-Commerce site. I will cover both online business models in the near future along with many more topics, which I already mapped out.

How to start a niche site? Writing a blog! Making money online! Creating passive income! Is new to me, too and very often I feel like a dummy.

So I hope you and me can learn something together.

Have you started a business yet or are you dreaming of a starting a business one day?


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