Checks, say what?

ChecksDid you open you bank account already? If yes, where you offered to get checks, too?

When was the last time you used a check? If you are like me, never! I know checks are used in the UK as well as in France, but not that frequently.

When the bank clerk first asked me about checks, I hesitated and didn’t want them at first. Now, 6 checkbooks later, I am in awe on how often I need to write a check: from rent to daycare, gas & electricity companies to higher value items, like buying a car or even deposits for a house.

Checks are just like cash! Because of the check-writing thing you need to be careful in some instances that your bank account is covered. I just had that happen, that I needed to write several checks in a short time span so that my bank account was overdrawn. I was fined a penalty of $35 plus the check bounced. So I needed to rewrite the check and gave it to the intended recipient again.

Why oh why can’t I make a normal transfer directly in to your bank account?

How often do you need to write checks?

Bis bald!


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