Behind the Blogging Curtain! – Part 6-Plan Ahead!

Behind the blogging curtain Part 6As I mentioned in my previous post, my son was sick last week. To top it all off, I was sick right after him. So Eastern wasn’t a fun Easter egg hunting affair as I planned it to be.

Plus, it all through me blog-wise as well. So my post-sick days resolutions are:

  1. Write a great blog entry every day!
  2. Plan pictures/graphics and create them for the blog posts.
  3. Schedule blog posts.
  4. Being more active on Pinterest.
  5. Keep in mind the 5 Ps:

Prior planning prevents poor performance!

So this week is all dedicated to collect myself again, to focus and put down goals to achieve!

How do you manage if a curveball troughs you out of your routine!

Bis bald!


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