Help! Parent in a pinch – 7 ways to solve child care predicaments

child care predicament

The past week my older son was sick. Luckily for us, I don’t need to go off to work and was able to rearrange previously made meetings.

Unfortunately, not every one is in the same position and our situation might change in the future.

So what to do with sick kiddos, if one can’t just stay home so easily and family and close friends live overseas.

Here are my 50 cents on what we need to have in place in the future:

 1) Sign up for back-up care!

Through my husbands employer we are able to sign-up for back-up care through

If I understood correctly, we would pay the standard rate to the nanny, but will be reimbursed for some of the fee. A limit of those back up days is set from the employer.

We need to pre-register for that offer. I need to finish that off!

 2) Create a nanny back-up list!

A friend of mine had this idea. Can you believe it, after having children for 3 years, almost 4, we never had a nanny?

I will ask friends and acquaintances for possible nanny tips and leads.

3) High schoolers!

We have a high school close by. Maybe responsible high schoolers from the neighborhood would be interested. I have to admit, I know none. That might be because:

a) there either are none in my neighborhood,

b) they all hang out somewhere else (I guess playgrounds lose their charm eventually),

c) I simply just know parents who’s children’s age mirrors my own kiddos,

d) I am just too new to the area.

I guess most of the above is true!

4) Neighbors

Building a good relationship with neighbors. They might be willing to step in if a tight situation arises.

5) My kids daycare teachers

At my older son’s former daycare some teachers would do some extra childcare hours and some families had some regular gigs with some teachers.

I wonder if that would be the case with our current daycare as well. I’ve noticed that some of the teachers live closer to us than I expected.

I must find out.

6) Temporare nanny share

Ask friends/acquaintances if they would be happy and if the nanny would be happy to do a temporary nanny share if needed.

I know of one nanny who would be happy to do so. I will need to discuss it with the parents and the nanny.

7) Emergency contact at daycare

Double check that the emergency contacts at the daycare are still up to date. So if something should happen, that my kids are well cared for.

If we ever find us in a pinch I think one of the above will help us out. I just need to put everything in place starting next Monday.

How do you sort out emergency situations? Do you have family and friends close by whom you can count on?

Bis bald!


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