Behind the blogging curtain! – Part 4 – Link up parties

Behind the blogging curtain

Link up parties

Mmmhhhhh…. Do I, or don’t I like them?

To increase once readership one thing I read over and over again is to participate in link-up parties.

1. What are Link-up parties?

As I found out, one blogger or several bloggers nominate a day there they invite other bloggers to leave a link on the hosting blog site.

This is a screenshot taken from the

This is a screenshot taken from the “The Chicago Mom” link up rty on March, 29 2015.

 2. Where to find link-up parties?

It took me a while to find link-up parties, but Pinterest saved the day. I started a Pinterest board for just Link-up parties.

Screen Shot 2015-03-29 at 8.11.11 PM

I will keep on adding whenever I come across more link-up party information.

3. Participating in the link-up party!

Easy! There should be a blue  ‘add link’ button after the party announcement.Screen Shot 2015-03-26 at 11.19.41 AMNot so easy! Having a great thumbnail. Have a look at mine:

Thumb Nail from Link-up partiesI would say, that there is room for improvement. If I see the thumbnails of other bloggers, I feel a spure of jealousy as they have nicer pictures and the quality is just better.

4. Increasing readers and followers.

So what do I do:

  • Follow the host on Pinterest and Facebook!
  • Look through the links and visit the posts I am interested in!
  • I comment on the post telling the blogger that I found them through the link-up party and tell them why I like the post.
  • I am always specific and honest.
  • I follow the blogger on Pinterest and Facebook!

5. Next steps for me!

  • Learn how to create a great thumbnail for link-up parties!
  • Learn how to put a batch from the host on my blog! –  done :-)
  • Re-pin pictures from the blogs I’ve visited.
  • Add to the comment box spamming protection.
  • Add a follow me on Pinterest button on my blog. – done :-)
  • Learn to navigate my way through Facebook. – so overdue :-(

6. Follow up thoughts/questions for myself?

  • Do I gain readers through link-up parties?
  • Do I reach my target readership?
  • Is it worth to participate in link up parties at all?
  • How can I make the most of link up parties?

What is your take on link-up parties?

Bis bald!


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