Behind the blogging curtain – Part 3

Behind the blogging curtain Part 3

Blogging is almost synonym with great pics. But, I officially admit, I suck. I do manage to make nice pictures sometimes, but they are a fluke.

How does my camera work? Mmmhhh….. I know how to point and shoot. That’s it. My husband gave me a great camera, a Canon Rebel, a few years ago, but it is absolutely under utilized. Now, I need to learn to make great pics. From angle to light, composition to props.

How to improve my pictures?

pinterest logo



1) After Google, Pinterest is my second used Internet site. Every time one of my friends, asks: “That’s that?” I am stunned. How can you not now Pinterest?

You can check out my boards here :-)  and see my pins for photography.





2) As I mentioned in my previous post, Lynda is a fantastic resource. There are a handful of interesting short videos. However, I couldn’t find the right course for me yet. So I keep searching but resort to Pinterest and YouTube for the time being.

Adobe Bridge



3) Have you used Adobe Bridge yet? Love it, a step before Photoshop and it already blows my mind!

I do admit that I bitch about the whole Adobe suite, Bridge, Photoshop, Illustrator, Lightroom, InDesign and InCopy. I have no idea what all those programs do. I guess they are the same, yet totally different. Why can’t they be one just one software? Less money for Adobe I guess.

However, I heard PicMonkey is a great alternative and ImageJ, too if you are handy with softwares and computers.


4) I’ve noticed that I became a little bit more aware and experimental of displaying my pictures.  I know that I still need to learn a lot. So being creative with pictures is neccessary.





5) Practice, practice, practice…. enough said :-)

What are you tips and tricks for improving your pics?

Bis bald!


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