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Don’t you hate it to give a lot of toys away once the children out grow them or worse yet, you keep them because…..they take up space in your basement?

Whatever the reason, I know a couple that left the US to return to Europe with 27 suitcases. Yep, you read right. I always wondered what they contained and if half of the stuff would have been better off being donated.

We arrived in the US with a little more than 5 bags and suitcases. When we moved last September to a different area, we had a U-Haul full of stuff. If we leave again, my wish would be 3 bags each. That makes 12 bags in total. Maybe an extra bag for toys 😉 .

My younger son is transitioning into toddlerhood, so I took away all baby toys, as they just seem to litter the floor. Now, our living room floor is a save place to walk on. With most baby toys he never really played anyway. So what are my kiddos play with?

So I made an assessment on what my older son is actually playing with and if the younger one is interested in the toys, too. I took out all non-played toys.

I finally have a good structure of toys that seem to provide a longer fun-span and help with open-ended play. Here is my list of toys both my children can play now and will stay with us for longer than a year.

 1) Magnets

PlayMagnets really seem to capture different age groups and skill levels. While my younger son is amazed that magnets stick together, my older son is building houses and bridges.

I am hoping that the magnetics will last indefinitely.

 2) Train sets

WithWhat a classic! Even though my younger son, aka Babyzilla, destroys the train tracks (unwillingly), he is already fascinated with the trains themselves.

3) Stacking toys of some sort


Stacking seems to be a great activity for the kiddos. My older son started to stack anything possible, from books, to bottles via the baby stacking toys.

4) Cars


What can I say? Big or small, they capture a boy’s heart.

I wonder if girls play with them, too. I can’t remember playing with cars much.

5) Legos


Another classic. Who knew that there are big, medium and smaller sized ones. I must have missed the Lego fun as a kid. I am learning now though.

Last summer was the Lego exhibition in Boston. That was no child’s play anymore. So creative!

Check out this article to see what I mean.

6) Books


What a classic! We have them in German and English. Even some Spanish ones made their way on our shelves.

My children love books. My older one just looks through them back and forth, pretending to actually read them.

7) Balls


They roll, they fly, are soft or hard. They can be squeezed, juggled and be sit on. A wonderful allrounders to keep around the house and to make the kids happy!





As a result of this list, I try to just give gifts which are able to deliver a long live span in the kids lives or are non-toy gifts as well easy moving items.

Most parents are spending a lot of money on gifts so they might as well be as long lasting as possible.

What is your experience with open-ended toy fun, which stay with your children for a longer time and are easy to move?

Bis Bald



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