Behind the blogging curtain! – Part 2

1 step ahead, 2 steps back

Behind the blogging curtain Part 2

1) WordPress

WordPress is, apparently, the biggest blogging platform. As a newbie you try to find the right thing and listen to what others say. So I, of course chose WordPress. What’s the alternative?

But WordPress is a platform, so a host is needed for the platform. Most people might have heard about GoDaddy as they ran a commercial during a Super Bowl a while back. In fact, I used them for my now offline website of Le Jus Beverages.

 2) Bluehost

Mmmmmm, so I set-up a hosting account with BlueHost (as everyone keeps recommending them) and tried to set-up WordPress late at night.



I did find a few videos online that this was suppose to take 5 minutes. An hour later, frustration high, a chat with one of the BlueHost representative and a few tears of anger I went to bed. MY problem was that Mojo appeared instead of WordPress

Next day, 5 minutes and I solved my problem. Hurray for a rested mind.



But how to I set up a WordPress template and customize it?

Lynda provides you with educational tutorials in video form.


PS: If you study, or work for an educational institution, they might offer you free access to

How were you fairing with setting up your blog? For me it was a pain in the…. I guess, it’s all about learning and getting used to it.

Bis bald,


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