Tax refund! To save, to spend, to invest?

Spend it on childcare!

SPENDWherever you are from, childcare is ridiculously expensive in the US (compared to German child cares). But for us it is worth it, as the kiddos not just socialize, they learn English as well. In fact, my older son is already more fluent then I am and he is just 3.

Kudos though to parents who are willing (or unwillingly willing) to stay at home with the kiddos. I stayed at home with mine a year each. After that I needed a break.

Save for retirement!

RETIREDo you know how you are going to retire? Unfortunately, we don’t have a clue. That gives me a headache. I worked in 4 different countries in the past, with no or minimal retirement investment.

I am curious on how you are taking care of your future.

Invest in your career

LearnI love the attitude towards changing of career paths in the US. Almost every advertisement in the T (Boston’s subway) is from colleges.

I know many spouses who take evening classes either in their field of work or field of interest or you are inclined to finish a master’s program?

What are your plans for your tax refund?

Bis bald!


6 thoughts on “Tax refund! To save, to spend, to invest?

    • Wow, you must have a nice tax return. I hope you manage to pay of your car. Those interests are adding up a big chunk quickly.

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