Behind the blogging curtain!

Behind the blogging curtain Part 1I decided to start this series in order to help myself clearing up my mind and maybe to help others who are just starting out, too. So I decided to have one regular blog post a week and one on how I am build my blog from stretch.

I know there are a lot tutorials and helpful information about blogging. However, every story is as individual as you are. Plus, I am hoping if I publicly announce what I want to do, I am going to do it. I am at a state of my life where I need to put on a little pressure.

So far my third month of blogging just started. The first 8 weeks were a mix of:

1)   Hurray, I finally started my blog

2)   It is not that easy as I thought.

I discovered that I needed to learn a lot about WordPress, photography, photo editing, social media and, believe it or not, time management.

Statistically, how am I doing? walletteaser stats

120 users in the first month is not bad. But there is still a lot to learn to increase and keep the number of likeminded people.

Have you started a blog as well and felt overwhelmed like me?

Stay tuned for my follow up!

Bis bald,


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