13 Best Baby Freebies!

13 baby freebies

Don’t you love it to get something cheaper or possibly for free? I know I do. As I have 2 babies, well one is three now, I love freebies for them.

Here are 13 tips for you to help you to get your hands on some freebies.

1 Sign-up with Enfamil and Similac

Both  baby formula manufacturers will send you samples, checks and coupons.


Enfamil Family Beginnings® has up to $250 in free gifts for you and your baby.

You can sign-up here.


Similac offers up to $329 in membership rewards and partner offers.

For Similac sign up here.

Checks can be combined with manufacturer coupons as well as store coupons. I have gotten many coupons and samples as well as checks from them. For me it was well worth to sign-up even though I primarily breastfed.

2 Sign-up with Pampers and Huggies

logo_pampers_lspPampers and Huggies offer information about  babies grows and send you coupons via e-mail. Both companies have rewards programs as well. There huggiesyou can earn additional rewards.

Sign-up for Pampers here and Huggies here.

3 Sign-up for baby registries!

Untitled-1Even if no one will buy something off them, you will receive coupon booklets in the mail.

Target hands out a pouch with nice baby goodies and of course coupons at the costumer service desk.

Sign-up for Target here.

If you frequent Babies R Us and/or Buy Buy Baby, they each have a great baby registration welcome kit as well from what I hear from other moms.

4 Join as many mailing lists as possible!



Through those lists you can find free baby items from clothes to gadgets via baby essentials as well as tips and advice. My favorite one is SomervilleMoms as I mentioned at New Kids Clothes. Help!

5 Kids clothes! Exchange and Consign

Kids clothesSpeaking of kids clothes. I just came across a clothing exchange program, called Children’s Clothing Exchange, which I didn’t mentioned in my post, but I have heard about it. Unfortunately, I have never been. I will check it out once the snow has subsided considerably.

Low in cash, no problem! Check out consignment stores. Bring in your old stuff, get store credit. Help local businesses at the same time.

If you live in the Boston area, visit Two Little Monkeys. Two other consignment stores, unfortunately, closed their doors last year. So I hope they stay open forever.

 6 Look for help and ask for help!

Sit inFrom MommyBites to Meet-up groups via Mom-Meets-Moms, city run playgroups, employer organized meet-ups or JFCS – join as many mommy groups and playgroups as possible or found your own. It will help you stay sane as well as making news friends and acquaintances.

Ask friends, family members and your pediatrics if they know of a new moms group or playgroups. If you joined a parents mailing list or group ask there for help.

You might be surprised how willingly people are happy to help once you voiced your concerns.

7 Support organizations

Support groupOnce your baby is smiling and crying at you, you might find that you need help with more technical baby survival skills, like breastfeeding. There is plenty of help out there as well such as this breastfeeding support group organized by the above mentioned JFCS organization and held by doulas.

This is just an example. If you have other concerns, such as sleeping issues, ask for help!

8 Free breast pump


© Amazon.com

Did you know that most insurances pay for breast pumps. Before you buy one for about $200 ask your OB/GYN or insurance if you can get one on a prescription!

9 Free birth announcements

Wallet Teaser Birth AnnouncementWho knew, right! When I was in the hospital after the birth of my second son, I noticed in the information pack I got from the clinic that they offer free birth announcements once I filled out the form with the baby’s details.

After two weeks, I received 20 free birth announcements delivered to my home.

10 Join Shutterfly

IMG_4375Why? Because they seem to partner with almost everyone, plus you get free pictures when you sign-up. However, in most cases you will need to pay for shipping.

If you signed-up with Enfamil, eventually you will get a promo code to use with Tiny Prints (a Shutterfly company) and Similac sends out Shutterfly promo codes. I get them every year from them.

Here is a screen shoot from  Shutterfly account before Christmas 2014. I had so many promo codes that the screen shoot couldn’t even cover all.

Shutterfly account informationen

For me that meant free Christmas cards, 4 free calendars, 1 free Christmas ornament, free magnets, 3 free books and I might have forgotten some other great items which I gave away as gifs to family members.

I constantly receive promo codes for either a specific item or a dollar value through out the year, not just Christmas.

But before signing up for the companies you see in my screen shoot, create an e-mail account just for couponing 😉 !

11 Start couponing

couponsIf you haven’t yet, this might be the time. Check out my post on Couponing 101! to get you started.

Before giving birth to my second son at the end of December 2013, I stocked up on everything I could possibly need. I ended up with a 3 months supply of dippers, wipes, cotton balls, vaseline, breast pads, Vicks baby rub, new rubber duckies, baby shower gels and shampoos, new crib sheets, diaper rush creams, toothbrushes, toothpastes, infant & children’s Advil for around $150.

In fact, I still have cotton balls, Vaseline, toothpaste, Advil and diaper rush cream left a year later.

12 No money, no income, no insurance but pregnant!

Insurance CardIf you are forced to pay cash at your OB/GYN, but actually have no money asked them about the  Children’s Medical Security Plan . They most definitly can navigate you through the process. A standard birth will cost you around $10K other wise.

13 WIC

WICS frontIf you are eligible for the Children’s Medical Security Plan, you are very well qualified for WIC (Women, Infant & Children). If you haven’t seen the flyers yet, ask your pediatrics about the program.





Do you know other baby freebies? Please tell me about them!

Bis bald,


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