Working, not allowed!

Stop WorkAre you on a H-4 visa, too? As such, I am not allowed to work. Why? Not sure as I used to be on a J-2 Visa and was allowed to work. Strange isn’t it.

Some digging turned out that different departments issue the two visa types. Hence, no streamlining! What a surprise :( .

Le Jus Beverages signFor me the change in visa status was a blessing and a curse. I was about getting my beverage business, LeJus Beverages, off the ground, but was pregnant as well. So I had a maternity leave of some sort.

Now, a year later, the babes are both happily installed in daycare and I get a break. As it is luxury to have the kids in daycare I would love to do my part on the income front. Plus, I yearn to busy myself with non-mommy activities, hence this blog.

After I told friends about my new endeavor two information stuck with me:

1)   There might be a change in H-4 visa working restrictions

2)   Incorporate in Estonia


There are so many thoughts about both points going through my mind, that I needed to talk to someone who could help me out to sort them. My best resource is my husband’s employer.

H4Nonimmigrant Visa - Confirmation Page Julia confirming my status as a spouse of and H visa holder

No change in the working permission as of yet. And if there is a change, just special cases will get a working permission. So, don’t hold your breath.

Virtual me

Estonian e-passAfter the exciting though of becoming an Estonian in the all mighty Internet, my hopes were crushed. After discussing the new Estonian laws, I still need to have a legal working permission in the US as I will work here. (I hope that makes sense.)

However, if you happen to have a different experience, please tell me about it.

We need a GreenCard anyway. So, will kick of the process within the next weeks and I will keep you posted on this one.

Bis bald!


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