New Kids clothes! Help!

New year, new seasons, new growth spurts of the kiddos. If you are like me,  your parents and friends with babies live far away. So hand-me-downs are hard to come by, especially if you just moved.

Plus our budget is tight with two kids in daycare. That means I need a game plan. Kids clothes mind map

My favorite ways to find kids clothes

Two Little Monkeys – A consignment store

My favorite store to find hidden gems for my kids is, hands down, the consignment store I used to live close by called “Two Little Monkeys” in Somerville, MA. It’s a great place to find clothes and toys. The owner Sarah and her staff are very friendly. Plus, it’s a consignment store, that means you might be able to bring in your old kids clothes and toys. Give them a call first to check if they need new items first.

Argentina School CardIn addition, one of the local schools sells cards, as a fundraiser. With that you can get discounts at local shops, like Two Little Monkeys. So I bought one of these for $10 to get a 10% discount at Two Little Monkeys. So win-win-win for all parties involved.

Discounted gift cards +Coupons=Massive Savings

If I buy something new, I always try to find a discounted gift card first and then a coupon. There are several options to find discounted  gift cards:

1) Pharmacies like CVS or Rite Aid as well as grocery stores such as Shaws or Stop & Shop have special sales. Most of the time the gift cards are full price, but you will receive store rewards when you buy the advertised value of gift cards.  The store rewards will come in handy while couponing ;-).

2)   Of course those gift cards can be used in-store and online.

3)   Gift cards can be bought online as well as a discounted price.

4)   Groupon sometimes sells discounted gift cards

5)   Stores themselves. So keep your eyes peeled and sign-up for store newsletters. The Children’s Place for instance frequently sends out discount codes for online and in-store use. Combine those with free shipping, sales and discounted gift cards, you can save up to 90%.

6) If you shop online, use a cashback site, like Ebates and Upromise.

Mailing lists

Currently, I am on 4 local mailing lists. One of them I founded myself.

My most favorite one is SomervilleMoms. If you live in the Boston area, sign-up! This is one of the best resources a parent with not just children related topics could have in my opinion. Parents very often sell or even give away outgrown children’s items. In addition, through this mailing list you can give or sell your times, too.

I bet that you have other ways to save. Let me know how you acquire kids clothes!

Bis bald!


3 thoughts on “New Kids clothes! Help!

  1. If you have a car, go to Once Upon A Child. The closest one to Boston is in Providence, RI. It’s an incredible consignment shop. They’re very picky about what they take and their prices can’t be beat.

    • Thank you Molly! I have heard about Once Upon a Child, but never made it there. I will make an effort to check it out :-).

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