Couponing 101– 8 tips to get you started

Have you discovered couponing yet? If not, have a look at that:

That is extreme, but not impossible. I started couponing around the beginning of 2012 after a cashier of my local Market Basket asked me for my coupons. Of course, I had none, but a spark of interested let me to tremendous savings, which still amaze my husband.

Couponing is not for everyone! BUT if you are in a financial squeeze, couponing can help you getting by. My specialty seems to be personal hygiene essentials from head to toe for us and the babes.

In fact, I barely coupon at the moment as we are covered with most things we need.

I really stocked up on most essentials in 2013. Baby and nursing items were my priority as I expected at the end of 2013.

Check out my receipts from CVS and RiteAid.

The amount I paid are not bad, aren’t they? But check out how much I saved during the whole calendar year at the bottom of the receipts.

As I mentioned before, I have young children so diapers and wipes are still on top of my couponing list, plus razor blades. Oh my, are they expensive. Luckily, my husband has me to get them cheeply :-) .

So how do I coupon? Well,the big secret is:

Sales + Coupons=Savings

The bigger secret:

Sales+Manufacturer Coupons+Store Coupons=Bigger Savings

Now you might ask yourself how/where do I find coupons!

1) Create a new mailing address

or use an old, unused one just for the purpose of couponing and future money savings e-mails (aka store newsletter). Your private e-mail account will thank me.

2) Buy a Sunday newspaper

Sunday Newspaper

The Sunday newspaper should contain a Smart Source and RedPlum insert and potentially a Procter and Gamble (PG) insert (The insert should be in there before the first of each month).

3) Sign-up for store loyalty programs

CVS cardYou can sign-up with most retailers in store as well as online. Smaller businesses might just have the in-store option. So keep you eyes peeled for those rewards programs :-)

4) Online

Couponing sites such as….


Screen Shot 2015-01-25 at 7.35.04 PMheader-logo-redplum


However, Apple computers don’t print from Redplum at the moment. If I understood correctly, that has something to do with a security risk in JavaScript.

Manufacturer’s sites like 



So check out your preferred products online to potentially find some coupons just waiting for you.

5) Check the mailer, which comes flying to your house once a week.

IMG_4507Mine comes on Thursday’s and contains the sales flyers from the stores nearby, plus the past Sunday’s Smart Source insert! That’s one of my best discoveries of last summer.


Check out as well as

Both blogs are brilliant and taught me a lot.

I frequent both blogs myself very often. There you learn much more. However, shoot me an e-mail if you like more direct advice or need some help. I got a few of my friends started.

Please note, I frequently go through my stuff to make donations of items which I got, but actually we don’t use or just have too much of. What is better then getting something for free? Giving something for free to someone who needs it.

Have you started couponing yet!

Bis bald!



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