004 Uber-sign

$1600 a week! Holy cow!

Billboard ad from Uber looking for new drivers.

Have you seen this ad, too?

$1600 a week. That’s $6400 a month or $76800 a year! Nice!

What a fantastic alternative if you are on a J2 visa, a green card holder, in-between jobs or possibly as a second job.

I saw that sign while driving through Brighton, MA (just in case you are wondering).

Friends of mine use Uber in Boston and New York as clients. They love it. It seems to be a fantastic alternative to the conventional taxi ride.

As a German, the name confuses me a lot as Uber means above or over something. Regardless, Uber surely shakes things up in the taxi business.

Are you an Uber driver?  Do you earn $1600 in a week? What do you net after fees and taxes? Tell me what you think?

I hope to hear from you!

Bis bald!


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